It started with a small shop in the Allerheiligenstrasse 42, on the edge of the red light district in the centre of Frankfurt. After 19 months, one of the two founder members emigrated west, to the USA. The other member got through the next two years badly rather than well. With two employees, the one more or less loyal, the other devoted, but not without minor problems. It continued with an employee who claimed to be what he wasn’t, although he even had a tattoo of the Pit Bull logo.

Whilst the partner who had emigrated to the USA founded his own Pit Bull firm, which has the addition of a section of American coast, in Germany, the other founder brought Pit Bull Germany GmbH to life, with the support of an extremely loyal man, party-faithful and committed, who had just been let out of prison. A competitive situation developed between Pit Bull Germany and the American company. However, they tolerate each other because both companies are run by the founder members.

The original GbR of the two founders which limited itself to the shop in the Allerheiligenst was wound up and converted into a single company. It was run by the founder who stayed in Germany and shareholder of Pit Bull Germany GmbH.

When Pit Bull became more well known, the counterfeiters and copiers crept out of their holes and made pitiful attempts to set up similar projects. Many of these disappeared like a scarcely perceptible sound in space. Therefore, these forgers and swindlers are told clearly again: “We don’t wish you anything, not even something bad. We don’t care about you at all because you’ll finish yourselves off quicker”.

Those who want to make a profit at any price, when the rich are getting richer and the poor more numerous, would do better to open a bank, a mineral oil group or a television station, or crawl back into the hole from which they came.

To everyone else we say: “Watch out, peace and security are an illusion”.



Achim Langer & Kaya Budak